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TintSmith is excited to be an authorized Huper Optik Autobahn Dealer.  Huper Optik offers a wide variety of German engineered automotive window films for every type of customer and budget.  The exciting line offers the new Xtreme Optiks Series, Performa Series Ceramic Series, and Select Series.  The Xtreme Optiks Series offers a blend of sophisticated style with a budget mind.  The Performa Series is a spectral filtering film offering high heat performance with a classic look.  The Ceramic Series is the world's only patented nano-ceramic technology offering high heat rejection and spectrally selective technology.  The Select Series is a NASA based technology that provides the highest non-reflective heat performance while maintaining a beautiful view using spectrally selective technology. All Autobahn films come with a transferable Nationwide Lifetime Warranty and a No Fault Warranty.


TintSmith is an authorized dealer of 3M Automotive Window Films.  3M offers a variety of window films that look hot and feel cool.  Here at TimtSmith we focus on 3M's  Color Stable Series and the Crystalline Series window films.  The Color Stable Series is a patented 3M nano-carbon polyester technology provides excellent heat rejection combined with a tinted factory glass look.  The Crystalline Series is a nano-layered clear  film technology with outstanding heat rejection. Both of these 3M window films come with a Nationwide Lifetime Warranty.

Window Tinting Service

All our tint products come with a Nationwide Lifetime Warranty!

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Paint Protection

Proudly using XPEL Ultimate Paint Protection Film



Do you remember your first ding, dent, scratch, or rock chip on the hood or bumper of that brand new sports car? Do you remember the gut wrenching feeling of “OH-NO!! I cannot believe this has happened to my new car!!” Everyone wants to keep that showroom look and finish on their new vehicle; however, driving your new car on today’s roads can easily take the showroom look away from you. Now, with today’s technology, you have the ability to drive around and still protect it from any road debris / damage. We introduce to you: Clear, Invisible, and a Durable Solution….Paint Protection Films.

XPEL Ultimate PPF has some of the industries leading technology features, which include  Self Healing, Stain Resistance and Superior Optical Clarity. The top coat of the PPF material is very similar to a clear coat on your paint. It is naturally glossy, and it can be buffed and waxed to preserve its shine and overall clean appearance. PPF is ideal on new or leased cars, or for those who make long drives and have potential for damage from weather and natural road debris! 

Any painted surface of a car, truck, van, SUV, RV, boat or motorcycle which is susceptible to bug damage and rock chips can be covered with paint protection film. Contact us today and let one of our knowledgeable automotive professionals help protect your investment!