What's the right tint film for me?

We want to help you find the BEST film for your next project. We provided some information to help you make an informed choice!


Understanding Tint Performance


Total Solar Energy Rejection(TSER)
Staying Cool

Measures the window film’s ability to reject solar energy in the form of visible light, infrared radiation and ultraviolet light. The higher the TSER number, the more solar energy is rejected way from the window.

high number = better performance



U-Median Value
Save Energy

Winter/Summer U median values are associated with energy saving incentive programs. Tint films with a better U-Value can help keep your home/business warm in the winter and save energy!

lower number = better performance 

The U-value will tell you how well a window/film can reduce heat loss/transfer.


Decorative Films

Decorative films can make any window appear like frosted or stained glass for a fraction of the cost!



Tint films come in a variety of colors from charcoal, bronze, blue, and silver. Let us help you find the best
color for your project!



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